How to Pick the Appropriate Back Posture Brace: Recommendations

If you tend to slump while sitting or standing, you may be in the need of a quality posture brace.  Posture correctors and support braces are designed to pull the shoulders back and reduce shoulder slump to bring the trunk of your body into the proper postural alignment.  Poor posture is known to cause more […]

The BEST and Most Effective Posture Exercises!

If you want to improve your posture and reduce back pain, doing posture exercises regularly is an easy and effective way to do both.  By doing a workout session dedicated to your back once per week, you will greatly improve your posture automatically (it will naturally start to straighten), and for a lot of people, […]

Weight Loss: The Most Honest Article You Will EVER READ!

Due to overwhelming demand, I have caved and decided finally to make a post about weight loss (I was resisting for a long time).  Even though this website is focused on posture exercises, weight loss is certainly an important related topic and deserves to be spoken about as well. Weight loss is about 100 times […]

The Most Important Bodybuilding Tips EVER!

Here are some free bodybuilding tips for those of you who are going to be doing some weight lifting at the gym: 1.    Never break form; if you can’t do any more repetitions, just stop.  People breaking form to get more repetitions is the number one reason people get injured.  Not only that, when you […]

The Posture Chair of Your Dreams!

We often learn that things that were drummed into us as children, sometimes turn out to be false. An example is the old, Sit Up Straight, command. It used to be thought that sitting at a 190 degree angle in one’s chair was the perfect posture. However, it has been discovered that maintaining this position […]

Travel Neck Pillows Reviews!

For the frequent traveler or anyone who suffers from neck pain and stiffness, travel pillows can be a lifesaver. There are many different providers of travel pillows producing items of various sizes, shapes, and materials. Understanding the differences between them and the advantages and disadvantages found in travel pillow reviews by fellow travelers can aid […]

Best Selling Latex Foam Pillows Reviews

Since the bedding industry is in a constant improvement and development, it is extremely important to be properly informed about the newest technology on the market before starting to shop for a pillow or a mattress. If you care about sleeping well and comfortably, you should put some time and effort into reading several latex […]

Top Neck Pain Relief Products!

Everyday stress, an accidental injury or certain medical conditions can lead to temporary or chronic neck pain. It is difficult for people to go through life with a sore, aching neck. Pain relievers do little to help and many people resort to paying for expensive chiropractor, massage, physiotherapy or acupuncture treatments in an attempt to […]

Contour Pillow Reviews Top Brands!

Have you ever experienced general back, neck or body pain, and been sure that it was due to the way you slept? Almost everyone can assert that they have “slept funny” at some point in their lives, and the art of sleeping is something that evades a great majority of the population. The contour pillow […]

What to Look for at Chiropractic Clinics!

Chiropractic care is effectual treatment of the spine provided by the hands of a professionally trained chiropractor. In chiropractic clinics, where spinal column adjustments are made, patients will find care for ailments, aches, stress, overexertion and tension in the body. Several avenues are available for anyone trying to locate a clinic near their home or […]

Top Rated Cervical Pillows: Reviews!

Cervical Neck Pillows are regarded as an ideal tool for those suffering from cervical pain or disorders. Such devices assist one to maintain good sleeping posture as well as keep his or her spine and head in proper alignment when lying down. A cervical pillow helps to decrease neck and upper backpressure and appropriately align […]

How Spinal Decompression Therapy and Surgery Works!

Spinal decompression offers a long-term solution for back pain.  This is because it is designed to attack the problem at its source; the spinal disc itself.  Posture exercises also attack the problem at the source too, but this is assuming you are having back pain as a result of a weak back.  Something like a […]

A Good Neck Pillow will Improve Your Life!

Many massage therapist every day work on people with neck pain.  Simple neck pillows can alleviate and prevent many neck aches. There are a variety of different pillows for neck pain on the market and each one has its own place at the right time. Most of us spend a third of our lives in […]

We are Proud to be Hosting the Health Blog Carnival this Week!

Hi guys!  Posture Exercises Guide is happy to host this health blog carnival and hopefully provide the readers with some good information from other websites. Our first topic provides great information for these coming winter months…information on the Homeopathic Flu Vaccine.  Be sure to read up before getting your vaccine. The next topic is relevant […]

The Proper Way to do the Lat Pull down and Pull up!

A great way to attack poor posture and improve it is by strengthening the back.  This is a much more natural solution than an outside solution like a posture brace or a form of surgery like spinal decompression. These exercises are extremely similar, and so I put them in the same article.  I personally prefer […]

The Proper Way to do the Seated Row Exercise!

Seated cable rows are excellent for both your upper and lower back, and for this exercise you will need to find the (yes, you guessed it!) a seated cable row machine.  Strengthening your back is a more more effective solution for correcting your posture than an outside source like a posture brace of a surgical […]

Shoulder Shrugs: Don’t Shrug them Off!

This exercise is probably the simplest of the posture exercises on this website, but don’t shrug it off!  All you need for this exercise is a pair of dumbbells (and progressively as you get stronger, heavier and heavier dumbbells).  Be sure to check out the bodybuilding tips article for advice on how to keep proper […]

The Back Extension Exercise is CRUCIAL for Posture!

If you are having back pain or suffer from poor posture, you may want to look at solutions such as a better neck pillow, a posture brace, or a form of back surgery such as spinal decompression.  And you will certainly want to get yourself checked out at a chiropractic clinic. However, the most natural […]